Painless treatment you’ll be happy with

Remove your pesky dark spots

While at Diva Nails & Spa, you can choose to receive safe, efficient laser treatment, which will help remove unwanted marks and hair on your body. To defend against the aging process, trust in the experienced staff available to you at the spa.

Take control of your health. Call today and schedule your laser treatment.


Aging is something you can control

• Permanent hair removal

• Photo-facial

• Wrinkle and anti-aging treatments

• Dark spots

• Freckles

Educate yourself on aging and more

The body and hair care industry is always evolving. The staff at Diva Nails & Spa are continuously enhancing their knowledge and skills by staying on top of the trends in the industry. Take a look at some of these trends on Diva Nails & Spa’s blog page.